Working to end hunger in New Jersey
through education, advocacy and activism

America’s First Line of Defense Against Hunger is Under Attack!

Please sign the petition and help fight hunger in NJ and across the nation! SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), formerly Food Stamps, is facing enormous cuts. As Congress begins negotiations on the Farm Bill, which in part allocates funding for SNAP, we need to make our voices heard:

No cuts and no caps to SNAP! SNAP works!

Here is what the Senate and the House of Representatives are proposing in their respective Farm Bills:

Ten-year SNAP cuts total $4.49 billion in the Senate-passed bill (S. 3240) and $16 billion in the House Agriculture Committee-passed bill (H.R. 6083).

Based on prior Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projections, the way in which these cuts are implemented could result in an average of $90 per month in benefit reductions for as many as 500,000 low-income households who rely on SNAP to put food on the table.

An additional 1.8 million individuals per year will lose benefits entirely.

Most of those who will suffer the consequences of these cuts are children, seniors, people with disabilities and low-income working families.